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Robots compete by following a winding line on a series of tiles to a designated rescue area. On the way the robot could encounter obstacles, bridges and short cut opportunities that will challenge the most intrepid programmer. After negotiating the randomly selected path, the robot arrives at a green coloured area which indicates a chemical spill. While the clock is still ticking the robot must find "the victim" before pushing them out of the quicksand to safety.


Important information about the registration process, fees, periods, and cancellation policy.

1) Overview of the Registration Process

We are using a web-based system

Register Now

Only qualified teams can register. Please wait until your league qualifies the teams and your team will be available in RegOnline. There is a registration code necessary which we will send to the team leaders of the qualified teams.

Registration proceeds separately for each qualified team and for the team leader and team members. When registering a team, you need to include the information for a "point of contact" for the team. Please note, though, that the person serving as point of contact is not registered at that time, but only the team is registered. In addition to registering your team, all team leaders and team members need to register as Faculty/Staff or Student participants.

Registrations are only complete when payment is received. Credit card payments are immediately validated. We strongly recommend payment by credit card.

The other available method of payment takes time. No registration is considered complete until full payment is received.

The participants from the countries requiring visas will need an invitation letter. Also please visit the following website for the latest information on visa applications.

The invitation letter will be sent by email to the participants at our very earliest convenience after the registration is complete. Please wait patiently for the payment to be complete. If you still have questions, please email to info@robocup2019.com.au.

2) Junior Leagues Registration - Dates and Fees

  Registration March 1 – June 7 2019
No team registration accepted after June 7 2019
Late registration June 8 – 27 2019
Mentor $160 $290
Student $160 $290
Junior Parent/Chaperone $160 $290

Notes for all participants:

  • Before you can register your junior team, the team must be qualified. Please contact your RoboCupJunior national representative for all questions concerning qualification.
  • Junior teams must have at least two student members in order to register. Junior teams must consist of minimum of two student members.
  • We strongly recommend teams to register all team students at once. The system does not allow you to add only one team student to your existing registration. Adding more team student(s) later without two extra students will not be possible
  • Parents or other mentors need to register as Junior Parent/Chaperone for permission to enter the site at any time, to be admitted to certain restricted areas, and to participate in social events.
  • Parents accompanying their children, who want to visit the site only during hours for public access and only in areas open to the public, do not need to register. For visitor information, please visit: https://2019.robocup.org/visitors.php.

We strongly encourage everyone to register as early as possible. Please avoid on-site registration, as we may be forced to reject on-site registrations due to space limitations. Nobody will be admitted to the site and to the team areas before being fully registered and all payments have been received. There will be no exceptions. Long waiting hours may be incurred at the on-site registration.

3) Registration as Symposium Only Participant - Fees

It is possible for both faculty and students to register as Symposium Only participants. Invitation letters to Symposium Only participants are issued to those with accepted publications therein, only.

On the registration web site, choose “Symposium Only Faculty/Staff'' or ''Symposium Only Student''.

  “Symposium Only” Registration:
Faculty/Staff $380
Student $245

All registered team members are automatically admitted to the Symposium. Team members do not need to register separately for the symposium.

4) Payment Methods

Our registration web site offers the following payment options:

Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX)
This is the preferred method.

Wire Transfer (USD)
Available only until june 7, 2019.

Wire transfer should be used in exceptional cases only, and if credit card payment is not possible. Registration will be considered complete only if the amount due is received in its totality in us dollars in the bank account on or before the respective date (e.g., April 30th, for early registration). It is your responsibility to ensure that this will be the case. In order to help expedite the payment process, we ask that you please send your wire transfer transaction information to april.robocup@gmail.com. Please note that wire transfer payments will be deactivated after June 7, 2019.

5) Visas and Cancellation Policy

Participants from some countries do require a visa for Australia

For those who need a visa, here is the policy:

An Invitation Letter will be sent to a team member once the team registration and the team member registration have been completed, i.e., payment has been received. There will be no exceptions.

The following cancellation procedure applies:


  • The visa application was not successful; and
  • The registration was completed (i.e., payment received) by April 30, 2019; and
  • The cancellation is requested before May 31, 2019,


  • The full registration amount will be refunded, except for a handling charge of $100 per person, and $100 for the team if the team is also cancelled.


  • There is no refund.

How to Participate

Any team interested in participating in RoboCup 2019 must successfully pass the league specific qualification process.

For the Junior leagues there is no direct qualification for the international RoboCup event. Here, participating teams are selected through regional competitions for which the deadlines usually close several months earlier than for the Major leagues.

For more information please visit: http://junior.robocup.org/

To stay up to date on RoboCup 2019 news, please complete the link below.

Register your Expression of Interest

Floor Plans


DB Schenker Australia has been appointed exclusive onsite logistics provider and official freight forwarder for RoboCup 2019. If you are a participant competing at RoboCup 2019 and not located in Australia, DB Schenker can provide comprehensive freight forwarding services, tailored to each participant through our extensive network of over 2,000 locations globally. DB Schenker offer and specialise in the following areas:

RoboCup 2019 strongly recommends that you consider the use of our official logistics partner in order to obtain safe and smooth logistics service for your precious robots and equipment.

  • Event logistics management
  • Worldwide transportation
  • Customs & quarantine formalities
  • Storage of full/empty boxes
  • Return transport or on-forwarding
  • Sensitive freight services
  • Timely door-to-venue & venue-to-door delivery service
  • Air, ocean and land transport
  • Loading dock traffic management
  • Equipment (forklifts, cranes, trolleys) & manpower hire
  • Event logistics management

The process at a glance

The process at a glance


If you are sending freight to RoboCup 2019 you MUST complete one of the forms below.

FORM A – Full Transport Service Booking Form (Domestic)

Participants who require full transport from your premises and delivery directly to the ICC Sydney and the returning back to your premises within Australia. Please complete and return to 12 June for a full quote.

FORM B – Loading Dock Booking & On-site Handling Form

Participants who would like to access the loading dock using their own vehicles or suppliers during set up and pack down are required to fill in this form and return by 12 June. Please note that you can only delivery to the venue on Tuesday 2 July and Wednesday 3 July.

Download the Loading Dock Booking & On-site Handling Form

FORM C – Advanced Warehouse Booking Form

Participants can also choose to send their freight to Schenker’s Sydney warehouse. Schenker will then arrange transport from their warehouse to the ICC Sydney and return (if required). Charges apply.

Download the Advanced Warehouse Booking Form

FORM D – ALL International Enquiries

For all International requests please contact Steven or Adam below. They will put you in contact with your local representative who will forward all relevant forms for your country.


All freight arriving into Sydney via airfreight should arrive in Sydney Airport by 19 June.

Ocean Freight

All freight arriving into Sydney via ocean freight should arrive in Sydney Port by 14 June.

Terms & Conditions

Schenker terms & conditions attached for your reference.

Important Information

Lithium Battery Guidance
For the safe transportation of Lithium Batteries, please check the Lithium Battery Guidance Document developed by IATA.


Prior to the exhibition, DB Schenker will contact all participants to discuss individual transportation and other logistics requirements. In the meantime, to request a quote, please complete and return the relevant form. For further information, please contact:

Adam Tovell
Business Development Manager
M: +61 447 235 086
E: adam.tovell@dbschenker.com

Ben Wilson
Head of Product
M: +61 438 291 445
E: ben.wilson@dbschenker.com


RoboCup 2019 will be held at the new International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, Australia's premier integrated convention, exhibition and entertainment precinct. The venue is centrally located and easily accessible by ferry and bus services, and only a ten minute walk from Central and Town Hall train stations.

The ICC Sydney boasts world class technology and services, providing comfortable conference facilities, purpose-built spaces, theatres and networking lounges to facilitate all your professional needs.

Featuring a striking contemporary design, ICC Sydney is a beacon of innovation, learning and entertainment, connecting and celebrating leaders of invention, business, governance and the arts.


ICC Sydney
14 Darling Drive
Darling Harbour NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9215 7100

About Sydney

Sydney if Australia's largest and oldest city, with a rich multicultural history. The city surrounds the largest natural harbour in the world, Port Jackson, which includes Sydney Harbour, Manly and Darling Harbour. This multi-cultural city also has an impressive line-up of festivals and events and a vibrant dining scene that includes Quay and Sepia, which feature on the prestigious S.Pellegrino World's 100 Best Restaurant List.

Beyond the city you will find historic wine regions, such as the Hunter Valley, coastal retreats and forest landscapes, including the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, all of which offer locations to host memorable events and team-building activities.


Sydney has a Mediterranean climate. Average maximum temperature:

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temperature °C 26° 26° 25° 22° 19° 17° 16° 18° 20° 22° 24° 25°
Temperature °F 79° 79° 77° 72° 66° 63° 61° 64° 68° 72° 75° 77°

How to get from the airport to ICC Sydney

Sydney Airport is about 10 km from the ICC Sydney and easily accessible by train, bus or car.

  • Trains depart frequently from underground stations in the airport's domestic and international terminals.
  • Public buses depart from bus stops outside T1 and T3 (but not T2).
  • Shuttle buses will deliver passengers to their hotel. Reservations at T1 and T3 information desks.
  • Taxis are available from organised taxi ranks directly outside the terminals.
  • Rental cars are available at all terminals from various rental companies.
  • Personal pickup – there are various passenger pickup zones. For details, check out Sydney Airport's website.

Three passenger terminals at Sydney Airport are

T1: International Terminal is used for international flights. It is open every day from 3am to 11:30pm. Customs are opened for departures passenger processing at 4am daily.
T2: Domestic Terminal is used by domestic and regional airlines including Jetstar, Virgin Blue and Tiger Airways. T2 Domestic Terminal is open every day from 4am to 11pm.
T3: Qantas Domestic Terminal is used for Qantas domestic flights. It is open every day from 4:45am to 10pm.

Transport Options

An efficient network of transport options make travelling to attractions in Sydney and regional NSW affordable and enjoyable. The Sydney public transport system, provided by Transport for NSW, consists of trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Use trop planner at transportnsw.info to plan your travel.

The Opal card is an easy, convenient way of paying for your travel on public transport in Sydney. It's the only card you'll need to get around on all public transport including trains, ferries, buses and light rail. For more information, visit www.opal.com.au.

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