Where can I download the RoboCup 2019 consent form?

All RoboCup participants are required to complete the consent form. Please print and sign the form before coming to the competition and hand it in at the registration desk

Can I use my international power adaptor at the venue?

Yes, you can provide and use international power adaptors at the venue.

Does my electrical equipment need to be tested and tagged?

All electrical equipment used at the ICC Sydney will need to be tested and tagged to Australian standards by a certified electrician. On the Tuesday and Wednesday for the Major Leagues and Wednesday for the Junior Leagues, ICC Sydney staff will visit each League to check tags and will also be able to test and tag items. There is no charge for the test and tag service. Please note that even new items purchased in Australia in packaging still require testing and tagging.

Please note that CE tagging is not recognised in Australia. This means that any item with a CE tag is not venue approved and will require testing and tagging on site.

When can I access the venue to set up?

All teams have access to the venue from 0700 on Tuesday 2 July, no earlier.

Do I have to wear shoes at all times in the venue?

Please note that during the set up and operational day’s shoes must be worn throughout the Hall. The exception to this is on the fields only.

What are the opening hours for participants at RoboCup?

You will be able to access the ICC Sydney Halls from Tuesday 02 July 2019 – Sunday 07 July 2019 from 0700 – 2300.

How do I send my freight to the ICC Sydney?

There are 4 options in sending your freight to the ICC Sydney. These are:

  1. Use Schneker to send your freight door to door, both domestically or international
  2. Use your own freight company and send it to the Schneker warehouse prior to the event
  3. Use your own freight company and send it directly to the ICC Sydney on either Tuesday 2 July or Wednesday 3 July
  4. Bring it with you during the set up days of Tuesday 2 July or Wednesday 3 July, no earlier!

Options 1 – 3 require you to complete the relevant forms. Please see the freight section.

Can I bring in my own food and alcohol into the ICC Sydney?

The ICC Sydney have the sole catering rights to the venue. Therefore, no food or alcohol can be brought into the Halls. We have negotiated with the venue to provide low cost food options from their kiosks located in the Halls. There are also a variety of food options in Darling Harbour, Chinatown and the CBD.

Visa Information

All visitors to Australia must have a valid visa to travel to and enter Australia.

To explore visa options and get information on visa’s appropriate for you, follow the link below and answer a few short questions.